Money to Burn – Magic with Meaning

Magic theorists have said that the purest and most meaningful form of magic is that which fulfills a real desire or need of your audience.  For example, while it may be impressive for a stage performer to magically produce a random object at his fingertips, it would be far more impressive and meaningful for a magician to instantly produce a delicious turkey sandwich for someone who complains of hunger pangs.  The technique and visual effect may be identical but the context makes the second effect far more significant and relevant…With that in mind, I created Money to Burn, which audiences really seem to enjoy.   I think in part, this is due to the fact that there is a strong universal and emotional connection to the concept of magically producing money.

Likewise, in business the timing and context of your service delivery can also make all the difference. We will often consult with companies who could benefit from our expertise right now but for whatever reason, they are reticent to take the next step.  When facing financial distress, denial is a natural human behavior and entrepreneurs will often hold on for too long before seeking outside professional counsel. The reasons are complex and many. They include: a belief that things will get better; feelings of embarrassment; reluctance to incur professional fees, etc.  You cannot “force” professional services on someone. Having said that, early and decisive action will inevitably enhance options for recovery.

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